About Us

cTechnology Inc. is a social business whose goal is to see the transformation of rural communities through cooperative education and economic development initiatives around the technology economy. We have an experienced and sophisticated team of technology and business partners that are committed to creating unique and sustainable models of rural economic and community sustainability using innovative approaches.

Our consultants consist of individuals of both non-profit and commercial companies that have the specific skill sets required to achieve the outcomes desired. This is highly individual and varies with every engagement and community.  We attempt to create synergies and add complementary focus to current initiatives as well as assist rural communities down the path of establishing a 21st Century economy beachhead.

Executive Team

Paul Van Hoesen

cTech Director: Paul Van Hoesen Director

Paul is the founding Director of cTechnology Inc. Previously, he was a co-founder and former Chief Technology Officer of Nashville-based Education Networks of America which provides Internet access and web-based educational content to public K-12 schools in Tennessee, Indiana, Idaho, and Florida.

Paul is a serial entrepreneur and works as an advisor to a number of local start-up technology ventures. He was appointed to the Nashville 2010 Entrepreneurial Development Task Force and is an advisor to numerous state legislators and officials on digital technologies, economic and tech workforce development, and technology-based job growth. He also has been a principal consultant with IBM Global Services and Stratum Broadband on community networking as well as participating in a number of community networking initiatives around the country.

Paul’s foundations include nine years of military experience in building secure data and voice networks. He is the recipient of the National Security Agency’s Innovation Award for cryptography equipment innovation. Paul is known for his highly interactive style and ability to make complex subjects understandable to all levels of stakeholders. Paul attended Middle Tennessee State University and lives in Nashville with his song-writing wife Mary.

Virtual Team

cTechnology's Virtual Team Concept is a powerful method to bring the best consultants and companies to bear in our community engagements at the lowest cost to our clients. cTechnology focuses on finding the best quality experts in their individual fields and applies them as required in our engagements.

Below you will find a listing of the people and organizations we have found to be first rate in their particular areas of expertise in past engagements.

We are continually looking for the best and brightest people in the industry to help us build digital communities together. For further information on our requirements please contact: Paul Van Hoesen at

We are currently seeking experienced individuals who can work with high school youth in online technologies, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship for our upcoming west Tennessee project. Extensive travel in the rural 19-county region west of the Tennessee River will be required. Please contact Paul Van Hoesen at paul@ctechnology.org for further details.

Entrepreneurial Business Development

cTech Staff: Andy TabarAndy Tabar
Founder, Bizooki

In 2006, Andy Tabar founded bizooki as a web development company in a dorm room at Belmont, and was setting out to expand upon a client base of 40+ small businesses. The firm began acquiring relationships with strategic partners, consisting of branding agencies and interactive marketing agencies, boosting bizooki into its growth stage as a result.

Andy is leading bizooki's expansion into new skill markets and global territories. Since starting the venture at Belmont University in 2006, he evolved it into a high growth, profitable venture with 400%+ annual growth in revenue since 2004. Tabar graduated from Belmont in May 2009 with a BBA in Entrepreneurship


cTech Staff: Mark T. SchenkelMark T. Schenkel
Assistant Professor for Entrepreneurship
Massey Center for Entrepreneurship
Belmont University

Dr. Schenkel’s research and teaching interests focus on the role entrepreneurial cognition (e.g., opportunity recognition and assessment) and strategic decision-making play in new venture creation, and corporate venturing activities. His scholarly work has been published (or is forthcoming) in professional journals including the Academy of Management Review, British Journal of Management, New England Journal of Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, and Management Research News.

Providing service to his profession as a reviewer, he was selected to receive an Outstanding Reviewer citation from USASBE in 2008. Dr. Schenkel also received an Outstanding Case award from USASBE (2007) and the Best Teaching Case award from the International Small Business Journal (2008).

K-12 Career Pathing Development

cTech Staff: Adrienne CornAdrienne Corn
Research Ph.D. Candidate,
Vanderbilt Peabody College

Adrienne Corn is completing a research Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University in leadership and organizational behavior. Using a quantitative approach, Adrienne's research examines identity (including social and cultural capital) and occupational choice and persistence.

Prior to her doctoral work, Adrienne was a member of the executive management teams in the areas of marketing and sales in both IT and Healthcare before starting her own consulting company focused on career development and authentic career pathing.


Patrick O'Rourke
Government Relations Consultant
Chairman, O'Rourke & Associates

Patrick O’Rourke is a lawyer with 32 years experience in law and government relations. Patrick is Chairman of Patrick D. O’Rourke & Associates, a Nashville-based government relations practice. Pat maintains an extensive list of personal, business and political contacts throughout the United States and Central and South America.